About EuroTag


  • ETRL is most similar to touch or tag rugby,  except the tackle is made by getting a hand on the ball (tagging the ball)

  • ETRL was developed originally as a training game for Munster and Leinster Rugby Union but became a game in its own right the when developed by the Kerry Touch Rugby Association. 

  • ETRL is played by a wide demographic from schools to veterans as it is very close but significantly safer than full contact rugby.

  • ETRL requires a small amount of equipment and players – markers and a football.

  • Since its inception 2 years ago EuroTag has been played by 8 countries around Europe with international competitions hosted in Ireland, UK, Poland and Hungary.

  • In two years there have been 20+ competitions played under EuroTag Rules.

  • Typically ETRL games are played at 7 aside and take 13 minutes with no half time but games have been played with various changes to the prescribed time and player numbers.

  • “A great gateway into full contact rugby!”– Stuart M

  • “Perfect for getting all skill levels on the field at the same time" - Sam L

  • “A great grass roots tool for Rugby League”– Samantha j.